About Avatar Solar

Leader in Commercial Solar Energy

Avatar Solar is a progressive alternative energy service provider that specializes in solar electric systems and the sale of Power Purchase Agreements (PPA).  For well over 10 years, Avatar Solar has designed and implemented cost-effective solar electricity solutions for large scale commercial properties in both California and Hawaii.

At Avatar Solar, our primary goal is to partner with companies to provide efficient and effective power solutions through the use of renewable and clean energy alternatives.  Our company offers a full suite of alternative energy services, including:

  • energy efficiency consulting
  • site analysis
  • design and implementation
  • financing
  • maintenance and support
  • billing

Avatar Solar employs a skilled team that is comprised of electrical engineers, licensed electricians, project managers and experienced customer service and administrative staff.  Our dependable services, professionalism and commitment to providing exceptional customer support are why our company is the forerunner in the solar power industry.

Avatar SolarExperienced Team, Innovative Solutions

Avatar Solar has been involved with solar energy generation and development for more than 10 years.  Several factors distinguish Avatar from other solar power companies:

  • Our solar construction crews are highly trained and managed by licensed electricians in order to provide the best quality electric work.
  • Our company is licensed and bonded.  We hold both General B and C-10 Electrical Contractor Licenses.
  • We are certified by the California Home Improvement Board and we are trained and certified in solar technology for both commercial and residential projects.
  • Our marketing and public relations experts help governmental agencies and public institutions conduct public awareness and community education campaigns that emphasize the benefits of photovoltaic systems and solar power.

Offering Dependable Solar Power for Large Scale Properties

At Avatar Solar, we bring customers the power of the sun with comprehensive energy solutions that are effective, affordable and eco-friendly.  Our company offers the services businesses need to implement optimal solar power systems that are guaranteed to present great return on investment and continual cost-savings.

To learn more about our turn-key solutions, set up an energy consultation for your commercial property.