Technical Advisory

At Avatar Solar, we’re not just advisors; we’re your trusted partners for success. Here’s why choosing us is your key to manufacturing greatness:

Stay Informed, Stay Ahead

Our dedicated team maintains a continuous presence at manufacturing facilities, ensuring you're always in the know about the latest industry trends and potential challenges.

Comprehensive Support

Whether you need to establish quality management plans, navigate procurement contracts, or tackle warranty claims, Avatar Solar is your go-to solution for both operating and manufacturing assets.

Avatar Solar has a versatile expertise that spans across various industries, including but not limited to solar energy, electronics manufacturing, aerospace, and automotive. Our experienced advisors are equipped to tailor solutions to meet the unique needs of different sectors.

At Avatar Solar, our advisors maintain a continuous presence at manufacturing factories, attending industry conferences, and staying engaged in professional networks. This commitment to being on the ground ensures that we are always informed about the latest manufacturing trends, failure modes, and emerging risks, which we then pass on to our clients.

Absolutely! Avatar Solar excels in supplier management. We help clients establish Approved Vendors Lists, define RFP processes, and create key performance indicators. Our expertise extends to supplier qualification, monitoring, and selection, ensuring that your supply chain is not only robust but sustainable as well.