Commercial Solar Power

Secure Your Future with Renewable and Clean Energy Alternatives

Solar power is the way of the future and it can effectively reduce long-term energy costs for large commercial properties. With Avatar Solar’s turn-key solar electricity systems, your company will:
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Full Service Provider for Alternative Energy Solutions

At Avatar, our experienced team provides design, financing, implementation, maintenance and monitoring of high performance solar power systems.  We are the largest integrated designer and installer of California solar power systems and we have well-over ten years experience in the solar electricity industry.  Our comprehensive alternative energy solutions include:

  • energy efficiency consulting
  • site analysis
  • design and implementation
  • financing
  • maintenance and support
  • billing

While working on commercial projects, our team aims to reduce or eliminate the high costs that are associated with utility electric service.  Our commercial solar systems combine economic and technology-based solutions that significantly reduce energy costs for business, commercial and government properties.


Improve Your Bottom-Line with a Power Purchase Agreement

A Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) is a legal energy purchasing contract that allows customers to implement cost-effective solar electricity systems without incurring upfront costs.  Once a PPA is in place, Avatar Solar installs and maintains a customer’s solar energy system at zero cost throughout the 10 to 20 year PPA term.  With a PPA, customers do not have to deal with the challenge of providing capital prior to installation.  The advantages of a Power Purchase Agreement and solar electricity system include:

  • zero capital expenditure
  • lifespan of 25 plus years
  • minimal maintenance and operating costs
  • high return on investment (ROI)
  • PPA as an operational expense
  • cleaner carbon footprint

Avatar Solar is committed to offering comprehensive alternative energy solutions that will continually add value to your business.

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