Our Customers

Below is a partial list of customers that we have provided solar energy solutions. Please contact us for more details on how we can help you.

West Coast Consulting

Elevating our commitment to sustainability! The upgraded 5 kW solar installation at West Coast Consulting in Irvine, California, demonstrates our dedication to reducing our environmental footprint and promoting clean energy practices.

West Coast Consulting

Consulting with a green outlook! The 25 kW solar installation at West Coast Consulting in Irvine, California, showcases our dedication to sustainability, reducing our environmental footprint.

Gas Up

Energizing your journey, sustainably! The 20 kW solar installation at Gas Up in Colton, California, demonstrates our commitment to cleaner transportation solutions, reducing emissions and energy costs.

Valero Gas Station

Fueling up the future with solar! Our 25 kW solar installation at Valero Gas Station in Anaheim, California, powers a cleaner and more sustainable refueling experience.

Rodeway Inn

Sunny side of hospitality! The 70 kW solar installation at Rodeway Inn in Anaheim, California, not only provides guests with a cozy stay but also exemplifies our commitment to green hospitality.

InLine Audio

Sound investment in clean energy! The 10 kW solar installation at InLine Audio in Maui, Hawaii, harmonizes with our commitment to the environment, reducing energy expenses while delivering top-quality audio solutions.

Kehei Café

Sip and save with solar! Our 20 kW solar installation at Kehei Café in Maui, Hawaii, not only brews coffee but also harnesses the power of the sun to reduce energy costs and promote sustainability.

Ka Waihona Chartered School

Education meets sustainability! The 100 kW solar installation at Ka Waihona Chartered School in Maui, Hawaii, powers a brighter future for students and the environment, showcasing the potential of clean energy.

T & T Electric

Lighting up Oahu with clean energy! Our 10 kW solar installation at T & T Electric on Oahu, Hawaii, demonstrates our dedication to renewable power and its positive impact on local communities.

T & T Electric

Powering progress with renewables! The 20 kW solar installation at T & T Electric in Big Island, Hawaii, exemplifies our commitment to sustainable energy practices, reducing our carbon footprint and energy expenses

Cole Custom Drafting

Small business, big impact! Our 5 kW solar installation at Cole Custom Drafting in Big Island, Hawaii, showcases how even modest-sized systems can make a substantial contribution to renewable energy, reducing costs and environmental impact.