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Avatar Solar is a high quality alternative energy service provider that specializes in the implementation of solar electric systems for mid-to-large commercial properties. As a recognized leader in the solar power industry, we provide complete end-to-end solutions in the areas of:
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At Avatar Solar, we give businesses the opportunity to implement high-performance solar energy systems with zero upfront costs. With our Power Purchase Agreements (PPA), commercial customers do not have to worry about furnishing capital prior to the installation of their solar electric systems. Instead, they get to enjoy:

10% savings guarantee on the cost of electricity purchased from utility companies

Zero investment and maintenance costs for 10 - 25 years

A solar power system that has a lifespan of 25 plus years

Exponential return on investment

Maximum use of solar credits and tax incentives

Increased property value

Continual energy savings

Benefits of being a green company

Reduced carbon footprint

Why Avatar Solar?

Powering Your Future: Strategic Solutions for Affordable, Zero-Cost Energy

We are your strategic partner for consultation, financing, implementation and maintenance for alternative energy systems
  • Lower Cost for Electricity
  • Zero Investment and Maintenance Cost
Our goal is to partner with your electrical company in providing your energy needs in the most cost effective and efficient way possible, through the strategic use of renewable and clean energy alternatives.


Empowering Diverse Industries


Solar energy offers investors a sustainable and profitable avenue for diversifying their portfolio, providing long-term returns through clean energy investments.

Construction Companies

Incorporating solar solutions in construction projects reduces costs, boosts environmental sustainability, and enhances building marketability.

Industrial and Commercial Businesses

Solar energy systems significantly reduce electricity bills, offering businesses a competitive edge by lowering operational expenses.

Hotels and Resorts

Solar installations help hotels and resorts lower energy costs, improve their eco-friendly image, and attract environmentally-conscious guests while ensuring reliable power for amenities.

Government Facilities

Solar power can bolster the resilience and sustainability of government facilities, reducing utility expenses and contributing to climate action goals.

Residential Complexes

Solar panels on residential complexes can lower energy bills for tenants, increase property value, and position the complex as an eco-conscious and desirable place to live.


Solar energy benefits farmers by powering irrigation systems, farm operations, and reducing overall energy costs, allowing for greater profitability in the agriculture sector.

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Avatar Solar works directly with business, commercial and government customers to provide effective and efficient turn-key solutions by utilizing clean and renewable energy alternatives. As a premiere solar power company, we are the number one choice for large scale projects in California and Hawaii that demand economical, high performance solar electric systems.

When you partner with Avatar Solar, you can expect attractive and predictable gains from using our alternative energy solutions, with minimal risk. Once we have completed the installation of your commercial solar electricity system, we will continue to offer operation, management, system monitoring and repair services that are guaranteed to add long-term value to your business.